CT Biotech Announces New PPE Lines to Combat Demand, Price Woes

Surgical Gowns, Gloves, Procedure Masks and NIOSH-Approved N95 Respirators Now Available For Facilities Looking for New Options Outside of Big Distributors

Woman wearing NIOSH approved N95 face mask from CT Biotech

CT Biotech now offers quality, affordable PPE such as NIOSH approved N95 masks.

With COVID case rates and hospitalizations surging across the country, Connecticut BioTech is stepping in to help address the soaring demand for high quality personal protective equipment. Through connections with highly regarded and vetted manufacturers in India, CT Biotech now offers a full array of personal protection equipment (PPE) products, available to ship now from its warehouses in Connecticut to facilities in across the country, as well as direct to consumers.

Beyond its renowned Secure Fit mask frame, CT Biotech now offers top quality surgical masks, surgical isolation gowns, nitrile gloves, and N95 masks. The company has filled orders in nearly every state, and has worked with FEMA and the VA to verify that there is no shortage prior to making these products available to the general public.

“We founded this company because we saw a need in our community for products that could help folks stay safe while we fight this terrible pandemic,” CT Biotech CEO Don Vaccaro says. “When I had a medical professional tell me they were paying $6.50 per N95 mask from one of the largest distributors in the country – one that had received government incentives to provide PPE – I was horrified.

“We are able to sell the same quality and style of mask for $1.25 each. Our goal now is to crash the N95 price-fixing scheme that big medical has going by offering a transparent low price.

The N95 masks available at store.ctbiotech.com are either NIOSH-Approved – fully vetted by the Food and Drug Administration for medical use – or have been independently verified to keep to that standard by Nelson Labs while awaiting FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Nitrile gloves, isolation gowns and surgical masks bear similar certification as needed.