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Customer Reviews

Custom made frame masks

Designed for YOUR face and unique dimensions.

Each mask frame is custom fitted to the dimensions of your face. The video is of a mask being printed for one of our first customers.

Custom personalized mask frame

Secure Fit mask frames are custom designed to fit the dimensions of your face with your safety in mind. 


Gaps in standard masks without fitted mask frame on top can decrease the efficacy of a mask. See study of efficacy here.


By minimizing the gaps from your face to the environment, Secure Fit mask frames improves the experience of wearing as mask for the reduction in spread of viruses including COVID-19 (Corona virus). 


Here is a photo of a mannequin shown wearing a standard procedure mask along with an early version of our Secure Fit mask frame. 


Our Secure Fit mask frame works well with nearly all masks. Here’s a list of various mask types.


These masks were developed in partnership with UConn.